Destination Guide: Queenstown

We give you lowdown on the home of Yoga Retreats tucked away on the South Island of New Zealand. Introducing Queenstown.

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  • Grey Yoga Mat
  • Grey Yoga Mat

Grey Yoga Mat

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Ancient yoga practice in India was originally conducted on kusha grass, on hard earth without any cover, or on a rug of deer or tiger skin. Due to the scarcity and cost of such rugs, they are now rarely used even in India.

With yoga's introduction in the West, many practitioners used towels or cotton mats on wooden floors. Rubber mats were introduced as an intermediate material to prevent cotton mats from slipping on wooden floors. Slipping of hands and feet was avoided by squirting a mist of water on the mats on the respective places of positions.

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Our creative director talks about what held her back from starting yoga 5 years ago.

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